You met the perfect partner, got the beautiful rock and now it’s time to plan your dream wedding! But, first things first, it’s important to try and avoid any hiccups, so make sure not to make the following common wedding planning mistakes!

Don’t do anything before setting a budget

The most important first step is crunch some numbers and set a realistic budget. Estimate how much you are comfortable spending, then imagine the type of wedding you want to have, and how many guests will be attending. Create a spreadsheet of anticipated last minute costs, so you have the correct funds available. Setting guidelines from the get-go will save you stress down the line.

Neglecting to make a weather plan

It’s the last thing you want to think about, but as you know, the weather does not always work out in our favour. The weather is the one thing you cannot control, so make sure to have a proper rain plan. When selecting an outdoor venue, look into sheltered alternatives, or setting up a tent is a common preference. Do not forget to include the backup plan into your budget!

Letting yourself get too stressed

Don’t let yourself forget the reason you are doing all of this. It is your big day and you should relax and enjoy it. Your only task for the day is to appreciate every memorable moment and marry the person of your dreams!

Signing contracts that lack detail

Read your contracts thoroughly, as every detail expressed is essential so you have a clear picture of the company’s intent. Make sure your contracts state the service provided, a payment schedule and the cancellation policy. Do not be scared to ask questions get things clarified. Trying to please everyone

Accommodate others within reason but stick to your guns on decisions that are really important to you! You will drive yourself crazy trying to make everyone happy. Avoid hurting feelings when friends or family try to take over and simply say that you’re leaving it in the hands of the wedding professional.

Doing it all yourself

Planning a wedding can be a full time job, and attempting to do it on your own will just add unneeded stress to your already hectic life. Don’t be afraid to ask your family and friends for help and most importantly, hire competent wedding professionals who will help relieve the stress and ensure the wedding of your dreams.

Not hiring your dream team of vendors

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event, and you want to make sure it runs smoothly. The best way to guarantee this is to hire a team of experienced professionals so everything gets carried out properly and stress free. Your dream team of vendors will help pull off your perfect wedding.

You rule out a wedding planner

To ensure your wedding day is executed perfectly, make sure to hire an experienced and professional wedding planner. A wedding planner will fight for your wedding day vision and keep you on track throughout the planning process. A competent wedding planner will connect you with the right vendors who fit your wedding style and budget. They will help with budgeting and scheduling and also put out any fires that occur, without your knowledge. This is your big day and hiring a wedding planner will guarantee that you, your fiancé, and your families will enjoy the day.